Modular Solenoid Valves

Modular coaxial valve solutions and configurations coaxial valve modular systemssub base mounted to a single manifold are easily achievable on the same manifold. The picture on the right shows air operated 2/2 way coaxial valve with 5/2 pilot controller mounted to a manifold system with three angle seat piston valves which are also compressed air pilot controlled. This coaxial valve modular system has almost limitless potential with so many valve 2/2 and 3/2 way coax model options offering compact and high pressure control for even most most arduous media applications.

This is further enhanced when you consider that most coaxial valves either air operated or solenoid operated across the range of BSP/NPT or flanged end connections from 1/8 through to 2" can include open and close position feed back volt free switches, manual over ride facilities, various materials of construction from galvanised or nickel plated steel, nickel plated brass, brass, AISI316  stainless steel or AISI303 stainless steel, a wide choice of sealing materials such as NBR, EPDM, FKM or PTFE, a full range of orifice sizes from 1.0mm through to 50mm offering different flow characteristics, oil and grease free options, heavy duty aluminium terminal boxes to protect the solenoid coil electrical entry to name but a few.

Solenoid Valves

Coaxial solenoid operated valves can be mounted or assembled and grouped coax solenoid valves manifold systemtogether to create a single shared manifold system. This modular technology has become a key component for process control systems where two or more coaxial solenoid valves can be used share either a common inlet or common outlet without the need for additional pipework and fittings, reducing space and increasing functionality.

The picture on the right hand side demonstrates this coaxial solenoid valve module technology where two electrically actuated coax valves have been assembled by simply bolting two base modules together. By repeating this process more blocks can be added, each sharing a common port running through the base block with port outlet or inlet through the top of the coaxial valve.

Coaxial valves with normally open and normally closed function can be mixed together on the same manifold to suit each application. The advantage of mixing normally open and normally closed valves means that for example two or more coax valves can utilise the same control signal and wiring to switch open and closed. Look at the picture on the right if we assume valve 1 is fail-safe open and valve 2 is fail safe closed with no electrical power both valves are at their default position valve 1 open valve 2 closed, but when the same electrical signal is sent to both coaxial valves then each valve will change to its opposite state with valve 1 now closed and valve 2 now open. This reduces and simplifies the wiring and gives instant valve state changeover for precise flow diversion so engineers can switch flow either from one valve or the other, with logical additions along the same theme accordingly.

Pneumatic Valves

Coaxial pneumatically operated or external air pilot controlled coaxial valves can also be sub base mounted and combined to produce a common pneumatic coax valve modular systemshared manifold modular system. This sub base mounted coaxial valve technology has evolved rapidly due to increasing demand so now air actuated coaxial valve users can now simply assemble or modify existing modules on site offering a common inlet or outlet port for all their air driven coax valves. In most process applications compressed air supply and control is the preferred choice reducing the need for high power electrical systems and reducing the potential of sparks, electrical failures and especially hazardous area applications for potentially explosive gas and dust environments. 

Air pilot controlled coaxial valves can be mixed along the same manifold modular system allowing engineers and process equipment users and design specialists to build valve manifold systems to exacting system specifications allowing for combinations of different pneumatically driven valves to work together. The picture on the right shows two externally pilot controlled valves mounted side by side, you can see from the base mounting bolt locating grooves that these are easily assembled and can be added to and changed according to each technical requirement.

Special Solutions

Some manufacturers of coaxial valves can also offer custom made solutions to meet very specific application requirements. This is actually quite a simcustom made coaxial valvesple exercise for coax valve suppliers to achieve as only the block that needs to be designed and manufactured, the rest of the valve parts will probably be standard production parts that can simply bolt into place and coaxial valves can be mounted in any position. The picture on the right demonstrates how this is easily achieved without undue cost or time. Here a customer required four separate 2/2 way solenoid operated coax valves to work from a smallest possible most compact manifold block. The dimensions of the block mounting are a fixed existing technical parameter the solution was simply designed to incorporate existing production parts to suit application requirements, i.e. four separate 2/2 way controlled high pressure liquid media outlets with on/off control, 2 coaxial valves mounted vertically and two additional coaxial valves mounted at each end of the block.

Coaxial valve modular system.coax valve manifold system